Saturday, June 4, 2011

Louisiane Acadien - Our Mission and Focuses

If I were to describe Louisiane Acadien and our focus: There are some Acadian / Cajun history and genealogy sites that operate outside Louisiana, their family lines haven't really experienced the generations of intense struggle in Louisiana after the deportation, although they attempt to portray themselves as authorities on the exile and the Louisiana migration, settlement and authentic Cajun life. They also have focuses on selling information, family trees and trinket products like on Cafe Press. We're not about that. And, we are not in competition with any other Acadien site to be the "best" or most "authoritative". Our work and mission is very specific and there is no site like comes close to matching the mission or significance of our work for Louisiana and our Acadian history combined with our current Cajun cultural struggles.

Louisiane Acadien stems from a family and cultural history that has a "certified & documented direct family line" to:
1) The founding of TWO Canadian National Historic Sites : a) The Melanson Settlement near Port Royal and b) the founding of Grand-Pré, l'Acadie, Minas Basin
2) the family being exiled from Nova Scotia during the deportation in 1755,
3) being held prisoner during the exile from 1755 - 1763,
4) given land grants & being allowed to settle in Louisiana at the historic "Acadian Coast - St. Jacques de Cabohannocé - St. James Parish",
5) our involvement in the War of Independence, American Revolution in which our families jumped at the change to avenge their families and fight the British during both the American Revolution and the War of 1812,
6) our families struggles of being called into action to combat against the Union Anglicization forces by the Confederate States of America in 1861 although they preferred to remain "Neutral French" much like as in the situations that led to the deportation of 1755
7) being forced to turn our backs on, and shamed and persecuted for, our culture once again in the 1920's through the English Only legislation, and then
8) the generations that struggled to reclaim our language and culture only to realize the reality of the intense and numerous threats to our land and culture through our coastal erosion, the double edge sword of oilfield wealth and coastal storm disasters.

Yes, Louisiane Acadien is an authentic story of the reality of from Grand-Prè to Louisiana, both Acadian Refuge from the 1760's settlement years through to our present day struggles and intense culturally threatening issues that we currently face. Our families have lived it, authentically.

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Merci Beaucoup mes amis et Vive l'Acadie de Louisiane!

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